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What differentiates Parris Web Design?

Most amateur web designers have a background in IT, but have little hands on knowledge of marketing. Whereas I have a career background comprising 30+ years in sales, marketing and customer management. Later in life, I developed an interest in the design of small company websites using my marketing experience together with my new found skill.

Why is my service inexpensive?
I work on my own from home with no major overheads. What’s more, I am fortunate enough not to be dependent on any income I may receive from doing this. I am more interested in doing a professional job than making a huge profit. Indeed much of my work I do for free (excluding direct costs to me such as the site hosting or domain name rental).

Why do I do it?
I enjoy using my skill and experience creatively to design web sites which are visually appealing and help small commercial organisations increase their business and other not for profit organisations gain publicity they need.